About Writing the City

What is Writing the City?

Writing the City is a community of new, emerging and established writers who share their work, give and receive feedback and get invaluable opportunities to take their writing forward. We focus on writing inspired by city life. Share your stories, scripts and poems in written or spoken words. This is your place to READ, WRITE, DISCUSS and CONNECT.

Who is behind Writing the City?

A panel of acclaimed local and international writers, including Singapore Literature Prize winner Suchen Christine Lim and UK novelist Jeremy Sheldon, spearhead Writing the City. The development team are: Kay Vasey, Project Director; Miriam Nash, Project Consultant; Lay Hong Ker, Project Executive; Bryan Loke, Project Identity & Concept Designer; and Joanna Soh, Website Design & Developer. The project is funded by the British Council and the National Arts Council Singapore, and supported by The Arts House, official venue partner for Writing the City.

What do you offer?

  • dedicated online platform enabling writers to share their work, receive responses and comment on the work of others
  • An international community of writers supporting each other to develop their skills
  • Invaluable tips and interviews with acclaimed writers on the creative writing process, available to all via our blog and INSPIRATION page
  • High quality educational resources for teachers of creative writing, available for free download

Are you looking for work on a particular theme?

While writers are free to post work on any theme, we have a strong interest in Singaporean writing, South East Asian writing and writing inspired by the urban landscape.

I’m new to writing and I’m not sure what to write about. Do you have any inspiration?

A series of short films offer an ideal starting point for discussions on the craft of writing and understanding texts. Suchen Christine Lim and Jeremy Sheldon explore ideas of character, a sense of place, memory, history and belonging and how they relate to creative writing. Each film is shot on location in Singapore by acclaimed Singaporean filmmaker Victric Thng and ends with a creative challenge. Visit our INSPIRATION page to try it out!

Do you offer any writing competitions?

Every month we run a writing competition inspired by the latest Writing the City film and judged by one of our Writers’ Panel. Stay tuned to our Competitions page for more info.

We will shortly be launching the City Unwritten Competition, open to all work geo-tagged on the City Unwritten Map. Winning entries will be made into short films, animations, games or songs. Once again, stay tuned to Competitions.

More questions? Please read our FAQs

What is Civic Life: Singapore?

CIVIC LIFE: Singapore is an ongoing arts project, led by the British Council, Singapore, which brings together artists, communities and audiences to explore, question and celebrate ideas of community, identity and belonging. It kicked off with the WORK-LIFE: THE MAKING OF COMMUNITY forum in March 2010. In June, CIVIC LIFE: TIONG BAHRU was filmed in Singapore, and saw UK-based filmmakers Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy working with hundreds of volunteers to create a portrait of the historic Tiong Bahru estate. Launched in January 2011, WRITING THE CITY offers an online platform for writers to join a supportive community and stand the chance to get their work made into a short film, animation, game or song.